Our country is experiencing epidemic levels of mental health problems, drug addiction, broken homes, homelessness, and other crises. We need to return to our country's core principles of individual liberty and responsibility and people-led solutions to resolve these issues.


Government cannot create prosperity, though government can limit or destroy it. Citizens and their families should be able to maintain their independence from government, raise their children by their own values, practice their faith, and build communities of cooperation and mutual respect.


Corruption and out-of-control government in our state's institution and Washington D.C. have weakened our country on both the national and world level. We need responsible, limited government that is held accountable to its constitutional guarantees of life, liberty, and property rights for all Americans to do what free people do best: pursue happiness, prosper, and make our communities great places to live.

Delaware Young Republicans on Quarantine Measures:

Delaware Young Republicans stand with government officials and law enforcement officers who uphold our Constitution and decline to enforce Governor Carney’s unconstitutional coronavirus restrictions.

These policies exceed the powers that we the people have granted to our government. They violate the very rights that our government was instituted in order to secure.

The state administration has made little dictators out of our government servants. People, businesses, and churches have been threatened with fines and arrest by police. Farmers have been threatened by the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Health has been declared the supreme judge of what our rights are and how we are permitted to exercise them. The people’s right to elected representation has been replaced with government by unelected bureaucrats and executive decree.

This mass violation of rights was born in fear and carried out with political calculation. The curve has been flattened. Our health system has been given time to prepare. The elderly and vulnerable can be protected without defiling the foundations of freedom. The danger is real, but dire projections and media panic have been proven greatly exaggerated by science and experience.

The people are the ultimate authority in our free republic. No government instituted in our names has ever been or could lawfully be delegated the power to abolish our freedom, shutter our economy, and imprison us in our own homes. Liberty is not contingent on the existence of a perfect and safe world: People have inviolable rights to make their own decisions and manage their own lives even in difficult times.

Ours is a government of checks and balances, and every person employed within our government is endowed with the individual power to act as a check against governmental overreach. Resistance to tyranny is fidelity to the Constitution. We support and encourage state and local officials who decline to enforce these unconstitutional restrictions, and offer aid and support to any officer who is retaliated against by the establishment for their loyalty to American principles.

“One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Delaware Young Republican


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